Company Overview

SD BIOSENSOR is working on research and development of immunological and molecular diagnostics and blood glucose self-monitoring system.

SD BIOSENSOR is a company specialized in in-vitro diagnostics founded with the goal of contributing to improving the quality of life through fast and accurate diagnosis of disease.

Since founded, we have been establishing a successful foothold in order to provide worldwide blood glucose monitors, glycated hemoglobin analyzers and cholesterol analyzers and to be a global diagnostic company, and we have been also taking a step forward in setting a new benchmark for in-vitro diagnostics with our own core technologies.

At SD BIOSENSOR, we have become capable of providing diagnostic products of excellent quality by developing fluorescence immunoassay products that can perform qualitative as well as quantitative analyses through immunoassay methods using antigen and antibody responses, and we will not stop here but keep striving to become the No. 1 global in-vitro diagnostic company through continuous technological innovations.

Business Fields

Diagnosis method which detects specific biomarker in certain disease with antigen-antibody binding reaction. Immunochemistry is capable of being used in diagnosis and surveillance of disease such as cancer, infectious disease, thyroid disorder, allergy, anemia, pregnancy and drug abuse.

Molecular diagnostics is the branch of laboratory medicine or clinical pathology that utilizes the techniques of molecular biology to diagnose disease, predict disease course, select treatments, and monitor the effectiveness of therapies.

Electrochemical technique measures electric current generated by movement of electron in Blood Glucose Monitoring System(BGMS) which is meaningful method for managing Type 1 diabetes and Type 2 diabetes. SD BIOSENSOR’s BGMS based on electrochemistry is helpful for preventing hypoglycemia or controlling treatment with medicine.