Director's Message

Dear stakeholders

Welcome to SD Biosensor Healthcare Pvt Ltd! It is my humble honor to introduce SD BIOSENSOR Healthcare India (SDBH) through this website...

We at SD Biosensor Healthcare India launched in September 2012 as a small business of only 5 people with blood glucose meters. Today, more than 1000 employees have joined us and we have grown 500M USD estimated sales in 2020-2021 with a diversified product portfolio. We SDBH have completed 9 years of operation and have unfolded several chapters all these years.

The last 9 years were critically important but I believe that 2020-2021 has been an even more important year for all of us. This is because our company has spent these prior years preparing to make us fundamentally much stronger than ever for the new opportunities we will meet in years to come. While we have been facing some strong headwinds that challenges our new product launches, we have continued to build-up our pan-India infrastructure, to develop our internal capabilities from the factory and to improve our strategic planning sustainably.

SDBH is built upon a remarkable foundation of our employees’ fierce determination and passion, driven by deep engagement in our personal and professional relationships. Therefore, in the year 2020, we have successfully transformed into a larger and stronger organization with your full support and we strongly believe that we are the leaders in the development, manufacturing and marketing of our brand in India.

Despite the many initial challenges of factory operation and our limited product portfolio, we have established a remarkable footprint and anticipate a very promising year ahead in 2018 with new products such as HIV/HCV flow through technology, ZIKA rapid/Elisa and many more with higher innovative and increased differentiation.

It is obvious that better the choices we make now and the better we prepare every year, the better our chances of success will be in the years to come. To be truly successful, SDBH is making suitable investments and doing our very best together to successfully launch the new products we have set for our future.

Through these changes in Past and beyond, the key to our success and the way we will overcome any challenges we encounter is through interactive communication and an open corporate culture not only with internal staff but with our stakeholders as well.

The key to improving our corporate competitiveness is this communication based on integrity and trust with our internal staff and our stakeholders because I believe that these are the same values that also need to be part of our relations with end-user customers. Therefore, SDBH will further strive to build this culture and better communication by developing a business portfolio model, a systematically decentralized management style, as a strength we want to continue to foster.

I express my gratitude to all our teams, our valued partners and customers who believe in our organization, our products portfolio and continue to put their trust in our leadership.

I am looking forward to developing our interactive mutual communication through this website.

Warm regards
Managing Director India