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Standard Q HBsAg Test is a rapid immunochromatographic assay for the qualitative detection of Hepatitis B Surface antigen (HBsAg) present in serum or plasma. This test is for in vitro professional diagnostic use and intended as an aid to early diagnosis of HBV infection.

Title Detail
Format Immunochromatographic Assay
Sample Type Serum/Plasma
Sample Volume 50µl
Detects Hepatitis B Surface Antigen
Immobilized Material Monoclonal anti-HBS
Storage Temperature 2-40°C/36-104°F
Shelf Life 24 Months
Performance Sensitivity:-100%;Specificity:-99.74%
Sr. No. Title Download
Type Category No. Description
Device RK026-30 30 Tests/Kit,Cassette,Specimen transfer Device & Instruction for use