Product Information

MultiCare™ U-Albumin

Albumin is not present in urine when renal function is normal; however, when a kidney is damaged, a small amount of albumin is excreted in urine. This is called microalbuminuria, which can be identified by use of MultiCare U-Albumin test.

  • Strip can be stored at room temperature : 1-30℃ / 34-86℉
  • Small size for convenient carrying and battery operable
  • Fast and accurate measurement : Results available within 3 minutes
Title Detail
Sample type Urine
Sample volume 3µl
Test Range 5 - 300mg/L
Test Time 3 minutes
Storing Temperature 1 - 30℃
Shelf life 18 months
Sr. No. Title Download
Type Category No. Description
Device 03MS20 MultiCare U-Albumin Test Kit ( 20T/Kit)