Product Information


STANDARD F HbA1c is an in vitro diagnostic system for quantitative measurement of HbA1c in a human capillary or venous whole blood. This test is for professional use to monitor glycemic control in people with diabetes.

  • Optimized performance
  • No interference with Hb S, Hb F, Carbamylated Hemoglobin
  • Reagents can be stored at room temperature : : 2-30℃ / 36-86℉
  • IFCC / NGSP certified
Title Detail
Specimen Whole blood
Sample volume 5µl
Ranges 4-15% (20-140mmol/mol)
Time 3mins
Temperature 2-30℃ / 36-86℉
Shelf life 18 months
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Type Category No. Description
10A1C10B 10A1C10B HbA1c (20T/Kit)